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A Government Recognised, Cloud-Based Industry Developed Solution for Export, Import and Meat Transfers

What does Meat Messaging do?

Meat Messaging is administered by AUS-MEAT with program management through a committee comprising of industry representatives including AUS-MEAT, DAWR, AMPC, AMIC and MLA.

The "Meat Messaging" system is an online tool for the creation, sending, receiving, attestation statements and compliance declaration of meat products (carton, carcases, carcase portions, pallets, bulk packs and containers) GS1 EANCOM messages. In addition, the Meat Messaging system also serves as a replacement to the eMTC for inter-establishment and domestication transports between one establishment to another.

These messages assist regulatory authorities with the authenticity, verification and traceability of meat products. The GS1 bar coding standards and GS1 EANCOM electronic message standards do not replace existing regulatory requirements, they assist and supplement these requirements.

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